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The Virtual University for surgeons

Created in 2000, WeBSurg was entirely put together by professionals. It has been peer-reviewed, accredited and endorsed by International Scientific Societies.

WeBSurg combines:

  • top-of-the-line quality broadband multimedia, especially used to broadcast pre-recorded surgical interventions;
  • worldwide access in several languages: the website is available in 6 languages (French, English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Portuguese);
  • access to all, including developing countries, as the website is completely charge-free.

In the field of minimally invasive surgery, WeBSurg stands out as the most advanced Virtual University available to all.
WeBSurg focuses on every minimally invasive surgery-related speciality, under the supervision of an international editorial scientific committee made up of 350 renowned physicians. The following surgical specialities are covered: general and digestive surgery (including colorectal surgery, as well as bariatric and metabolic surgery), GI endoscopy, urology, gynecology, endocrinology, thoracic surgery, cardiovascular surgery, pediatric surgery, skull base surgery, arthroscopic surgery, and robotic surgery.

The scientific surgical content of WeBSurg uses web-based multimedia technologies to their fullest extent. The content targets surgical techniques combined with illustrations, animations, numerous videos (including 1,700 surgical videos, 600 lectures, as well as 790 expert interviews). The website is updated on a monthly basis.

WeBSurg gathers a total of 260,000 members and counting (up to September 2012). It has become the world’s top online reference for the training of residents and senior registrars in surgery.

In September 2008, WeBSurg became the first High Definition (HD) educational website. HD videos on demand and masterclasses are currently available for purchase on the following page:

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