First of all, VR-Render has partly been funded by the European Commission within the ICT-2007.5.3 research project PASSPORT Description


VR-Render 0.8 has been developed by Vincent Agnus, Arnaud Charnoz, Jean-Baptiste Fasquel, Emilie Harquel, Johan Moreau, Nicolas Philipps and Julien Waechter, the project being managed by Luc Soler.

The test and validation session has been performed with Fellow surgeons of IRCAD, Mourad Bouhadjar, Xavier Buy, Luc Soler, Delphine Vidalinc and Michel Vix.

The website development has been supervised by Alexandre Hostettler and realized by the Websurg team under the management of Thomas Parent.

Illustrations, logos, 3D gallery, documentation and translation have been realized by Juan Hernandez, Luc Soler and Pamela Lhote.

This sofware has been tested at the University Hospital of Strasbourg. We would like to thank for their help the medical staff:

  • Endocrine and Digestive Surgical team : Prof. Jacques Marescaux, Prof. Didier Mutter, Prof. Bernard Dallemagne, Prof. Luc Soler, Dr. Michel Vix,
  • Interventional Radiological team : Prof. Afshin Gangi and Dr. Xavier Buy

We would like to thank other past contributors: Christophe Koehl, Anne-Blandine Osswald, Stephane Nicolau, Laurent Goffin, Christian Haessig, Oussama Akremi, Nicolas Papier, Guillaume Brocker, Barthelemy Serres, Benjamin Gaillard and James Balantymes.

VR-Render 0.8 has been built on the following projects :

boost cfitsio dcmtk fits2itk itk vtk vtkinria3d
libjpeg libpng libtiff libxml2 log4cxx opengl wx
  python sphinx zlib bzip2 gdcm  

VR-Render 0.8 has been developed with the following software :

doxygen eclipse vim fsf
gcc scons wix visualc

VR-Render 0.8 supports the following operating systems :

ms apple linux linux-64

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