Fellowship IRCAD

IRCAD offers Research Fellowships over one year, renewable once. The first aim of the Fellowship programme is to welcome individuals with new ideas and concepts, thereby providing them with a platorm to develop their research projects. The second aim of the programme is to integrate new fellows into current projects, the selection being based on personal interests and competencies.
Applications are directly processed by clicking here. Please note that the candidates’ proposed research projects and CV will then be submitted to our selection committee for approval.

The IRCAD Institute also offers Observerships ranging from 1 week to 6 months in duration, in collaboration with the department of Digestive Surgery of the NHC. This involves attending medical staff meetings, rounds, and clinical activities, without actively taking part in such activities.
There is no fee to pay for such Observership, and no remuneration, funding or financial aid is available to the Observers. To apply, please send us your full CV/biosketch and indicate which date you wish to be considered for.

IRCAD is working with the Department of Surgery of the University Hospital (NHC) of Strasbourg where patients are cared for.
No Clinical Fellowships are available, the main reason being that the French legislation does not allow access to patients and operative procedures for doctors whose diploma are not validated in France. This means that individuals in those positions are allowed only to watch operative procedures taking place in operating rooms.