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In 1992, surgery faced inevitable changes, shifting from the industrial era to the computer era. In this context, Prof. Jacques Marescaux came up with the idea to create an original research and training center. In 1994, IRCAD opened on the grounds of the University Hospital of Strasbourg. Since its creation, IRCAD has gained world renowned fame as a leading research and education institute. In 2001, Professor Marescaux electrified the surgical world with “Operation Lindbergh”. Sitting at a robotic console in New York City, Professor Marescaux dexterously removed the diseased gallbladder of a patient in Strasbourg, France – the perfect blending of information technology and surgery. Just as Lindbergh’s solo flight across the Atlantic revolutionized our thinking, so too did this worldwide first, proving that distances were no longer an obstacle in surgery.

IRCAD’s research orientation has always been directed towards the development of less invasive surgical techniques. The development of concepts and instruments enabled the IRCAD team to carry out the first fully natural orifice transluminal endoscopy surgical (NOTES) procedure in April 2007. The parallel development of a training structure was the logical extension of the groundbreaking work at IRCAD. Every year, 5,700 surgeons from all over the world are trained by a team of 800 international experts. The IRCAD made it possible for surgeons from the entire world to obtain high-level skills, and as a result, the Institute maintained its position as an ambassador of French excellence.



IRCAD’s international success led to the construction of a twin institute in Taiwan (Asia IRCAD – AITS) in 2008, under the guidance of M. H. Huang, President of Show Chwan Memorial Hospital. This mirror institute was created in Taiwan because of the sheer necessity of creating such a network in Asia, using its European counterpart as a structural blueprint. A few years later, in 2011, IRCAD América Latina was inaugurated in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. It embodies the fruitful partnership with Henrique Prata and Hospital de Cancer de Barretos. A third mirror institute has opened in June 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil thanks to the partnership with United Health and its former CEO Edson Bueno. A new institute will be inaugurated in 2019 in Rwanda, Africa.

The success of the Institute was made possible with the help of local authorities who have given us their trust from the outset of the project, of industrial partners who have given us their firm support, and, of course, with the help of our faithful members who have been supporting the IRCAD for 24 years! A great many thanks for your generosity and precious trust.


There is no better way to learn:
IRCAD, 24 years of excellence

More than 5,700 surgeons come to Strasbourg every year to get familiar with laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery, to meet prominent international experts, watch live operative demonstrations and practice on live tissue or on anatomical specimens in the cutting-edge operating room equipped with 20 laparoscopic units.

IRCAD is aware of the constant evolution of minimal access surgery, and organizes courses in flexible interventional endoscopy.

In 2018, IRCAD offers the trainees the possibility to get trained in robotic surgery during the optional bariatric and colorectal per-courses in an extra experimental lab equipped with 6 robots.

In order to welcome course participants and experts in the best possible way, IRCAD has bought and renovated "Les Haras", located 50 meters away from the institute, bringing the magic Strasbourg's national stud farm back to life.

This allows to:

  • accommodate trainees in Strasbourg’s most prestigious hotel, where they can meet faculty members;
  • dine in an exceptional brasserie restaurant, run by the 3-star Michelin Chef Marc Haeberlin.

Join us! Our staff will be delighted to look after you during your stay at IRCAD.

Professor of Digestive Surgery,
President of IRCAD

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