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Since 1994, the Strasbourg-based institute has been recognized worldwide as the reference center for laparoscopic surgery. This has been made possible thanks to the many core activities that make IRCAD's strength and allow it to maintain the course of excellence.  Join our team now to be part of the adventure.

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IRCAD employs people from various backgrounds for the different departments that make up the institute: 

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IRCAD international fellowship

For nearly 20 years, IRCAD has been offering research fellowships in a unique and inspiring environment, within the University Hospital of Strasbourg.

The program integrates physicians, scientists, engineers who are generally at the beginning of their professional career and who have the potential to become leaders in their field. This is the opportunity for them to focus on their own research, and to participate in creative and innovative institutional projects and innovative projects aimed at achieving international excellence. Fellows also participate in IRCAD’s multiple training programs that connect them with a network of international experts in the various fields, offered by nearly 80 annual training courses.

Apply now to join our team for a life-changing experience. The selection process works as follows:

Selection process:

1. Fill out the online form
2. Analysis of the application by the selection committee
3. If application successful, videoconference interview with the selection committee
4. Deliberation and presentation of the application to Professor Jacques Marescaux
5. Answer given, then implementation of administrative procedures

Why a fellowship at IRCAD?

The first aim of the fellowship program is to welcome individuals with new ideas and concepts, thereby
providing them with a platorm to develop their research projects. The second aim of the program is to integrate new fellows into current projects, the selection being based on personal interests and skills.


Already 115 fellows from more than 20 countries

I am a japanese surgeon who specializes in colorectal surgery. From September 2020, I start my career as a Fellow at the Research Institute against Digestive Cancer (IRCAD), where I have been training in robotic colorectal surgery and researching minimally invasive surgery. One of my major research projects was a feasibility study of robotic endoscopic cooperative surgery for colorectal tumors. To the best of my knowledge, this was the first surgical technique in the world. It is thanks to IRCAD which has a front line medical technologies that I have been able to realize this research. Currently, I'm a Ph.D candidate of university of strasbourg while continuing my research at the IRCAD, and my thesis is “The application of intraoperative optical imaging to optimise colorectal oncological surgery and prevent complications”.

IRCAD is the best advocate training and reserach center, the team spirit is awesome, proudly IRCAD's alumni

Hello there! I am Rita RODRIGUEZ, a laparoscopic digestive surgeon. Since 2020, I gladly joined the IRCAD family as a research fellow, and I must say that it has been such an amazing and thrilling experience. If you consider that each year, over 6,200 surgeons from all over the world attend IRCAD courses to be trained by prominent leaders in the field, imagine what impact a one-year period can have on your surgical academic career. It is truly fantastic! The IRCAD immersive experience will basically exploit all of your capabilities, enhancing your technical and non-technical skills to the level of excellence. This opportunity is a real privilege in that I am continuously mentored and proctored by great, caring, vibrant, and talented icons of surgery. IRCAD has help me to develop a sense of devotion for research, which led me to pursue my current PhD position with an EU project @ritarodr2402 @CastH2020

I have spent a fantastic time in IRCAD. To me, IRCAD was like a toy store for surgeons with something amazing in every corner of the building. The state of the art innovations and the numerous possibilities to advance my surgical and scientific skills have definitely inspired me to not always accept the status quo, but to look for possibilities to improve patient care and surgical outcomes whenever possible.

I am a HBP surgeon from Kobe University in Japan. From November 2018 to May 2020, I lived in Strasbourg as a research fellow to study image-guided surgery, because there were MIS and new imaging technologies in IRCAD and IHU. During the period, I did my researches about hyperspectral image-guided liver surgery and intravascular ultrasound-guided liver navigation and publish it fortunately. In addition, I was involved in AI research for laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Through the fellowship, I was able to obtain future research topics and new ideas. Strasbourg is one of the most beautiful cities in France. I spent good time with the fellows and their families. I would like to thank IRCAD a lot for great supports.

Types of fellowships

The IRCAD Institute offers observerships ranging from 1 week to 6 months in duration, in collaboration with the
department of digestive surgery of the “Nouvel Hôpital Civil”. This involves attending medical staff meetings,
rounds, and clinical activitees, without actively taking part in such activities. There is no fee to
pay for such observership, and no remuneration, funding or financial aid is available to the observers.

No clinical fellowships are available, the main reason being that French law does not allow access to patients
and operative procedures for doctors whose diploma are not validated in France. This means that individuals in such a position are only allowed to watch operative procedures taking place in a surgical theatre.

Unique and innovative educational environment

The fellowships take place at IRCAD, a world-renowned Institute in the heart of the University Hospital of Strasbourg. This international environment, with its privileged contact with experts from all over the world, is the ideal place to get the support and guidance you need to write your thesis or PhD.

You will also be given the opportunity to actively participate in a selection of more than 80 annual face-to-face courses, on modern technical platforms in laparoscopy, endoscopy, interventional imaging and robotics.

This is also the opportunity to participate in the development of monthly publications on WebSurg, IRCAD’s online university.

The Institute encourages innovation and research, providing scientific and financial support for all validated projects. You will have access to local expertise in terms of publication methods, clinical research, intellectual property, prototyping, etc.