One day at IRCAD : live the IRCAD experience to the fullest

The courses are organized in such a way that participants are fully immersed in the heart of the Institute, from start to finish. Here is a non-exhaustive example of a day at IRCAD: it is only an example, the program varies from one specialty to another and will be detailed on each course page.

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Welcome to IRCAD, the worlds no.1 minimally invasive surgery research and training center. Since its creation in 1994, IRCAD has allowed tens of thousands of surgeons from across the world to enhance their skillset. As a result, the Institute has kept its position as an ambassador of French excellence. Indulge yourself in the IRCAD experience! 

Theoretical sessions

The first part of the training includes theoretical sessions and pre-recorded operative demonstrations. The world’s top experts deliver presentations in the IRCAD auditoriums, to share their expertise in minimally invasive surgery.

Live operative demonstrations

Course participants will also have the opportunity to watch live or pre-recorded operations performed by leading experts in many different specialties and from hospitals worldwide. This includes interactive question and answer (Q&A) sessions.

Lunch at IRCAD

Luncheons and coffee are available at the IRCAD cafeteria on the ground floor of the main building. It will be a unique opportunity for you to chat with other course participants and experts, in a friendly atmosphere. 

Hands-on lab session

The second part of the training is dedicated to hands-on practice which takes place in the lab located on the 3rd floor of the main IRCAD building. This lab includes 20 operating tables suited for a total of 40 participants, each supervised by a Faculty expert. Hands-on at IRCAD is a truly outstanding experience!

Robotic training

One of the main international Intuitive Surgical training centers is located within the IRCAD compounds. Attending a course at IRCAD could be a unique opportunity for you to experience the da Vinci™ Robotic Surgical Systems. 

Dinner at the Brasserie Les Haras

Les Haras is a former stud farm which has been entirely renovated and converted into a Brasserie and an Hotel. Get ready for an amazing time in an enchanting atmosphere at the Brasserie. This setting is ideal to meet international experts and participants in a relaxed setting.

Les Haras Hotel****

Make the most of your IRCAD experience! Book our IRCAD package, benefit from our best rates, and chill out in one of the most romantic hotels in Strasbourg. It is located right in the city center, and two steps away from the Institute. You won’t find a better place to brighten up your stay.