Dr. Alexandre Hostettler

Head of Surgical Data Science

Sneakers addict

Dr. Flavien BRIDAULT

Director of Software Development

Computer graphics, software engineering, agile methodology, mindfulness, vegetables addict


Director of Research

Research communication, Machine learning, Computer vision, Medical image analysis, Project management, The English Guy


Software developer

C++, Python, Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Coffee lover

Dr. Alexandre ANCEL

Research engineer

Software engineering, Surgical navigation systems, Medical image analysis, Computer graphics, Deep-Learning, Emacs evangelist


Senior software developer

Computer Vision, C++, CMake developer, bicycle commuter

Josiane Uwineza

Research engineer

Python, Data science, Machine learning, Deep learning, Computer vision, prayer


Senior software developer

C++, Python, Javascript, Software architecture, Continuous integration, science fanboy

Dr. Patrick Niyishaka

Research engineer

Python, data science, machine learning deep learning, computer vision, digital image processing, basketball and travel lover

Richard Nkusi

Research engineer

Data science, Machine learning, Deep learning, Computer vision, Believer

Yvonne Keeza

Medical Imaging Annotator

Medical image data analysis, radiology, ultrasound, project management, image protocol and annotations, medical technology enthusiast, salsa dancer

Erwan Duhamel

Phd. Student

C++, Computer graphics, Volume rendering, Vulkan pilgrim

Mathieu Haller

Research engineer

Data science, Deep learning, Python, C++, Scotland-lover

Dr. Michael KUGLER

Research engineer

Mechanics, C++, Numerical optimization, Software engineering, Research communication

Geoffrey Munyaneza

Research engineer

Machine learning, Deep learning, project management, research communication, Python, card games

Grace Ufitinema

Medical Imaging Annotator

Medical image analysis, radiography, ultrasound, annotation, basketball-lover

Florien Ujemurwego

Medical Imaging Annotator

Medical image analysis, radiography, ultrasound,
annotation, medical image management, swimming-lover

Bereket Frezgiy

Research engineer

Machine learning, computer vision, Medical image analysis, deep learning and Research communication, cycling race world tours

Aimable MUZURI

Software developer

C++, JavaScript, software engineering, Full-stack, kebab lover

Güinther Saibro

Phd. Student

Python, Deep learning, Statistics, Medical image analysis, Ultrasound, Cycling 

William Ndzimbong

Phd. Student

Python, Matlab, deep learning, computer vision, numerical optimization, new culture hunter

Paco Kleitz

Master Student

Software engineering, Back-end development, Deep learning, Rust evangelist

Lucas Schmidt

Master Student

Software engineering, C++, Testing, Continuous Integration, KDE lover

Alexandre Tami

Master Student

Software engineering, biomedical science, he’s called Proton because he’s always positive