Liver segmentation


This dataset is composed of the CT-scans of 10 women and 10 men with hepatic tumors in 75% of cases.

Where appropriate, the Couinaud segment number corresponding to the location of tumors is also provided.

Respiratory cycle


This dataset is composed of 2 anonymized CT-scans.

The first one has been realized during the arterial phase in inhaled position, whereas the second one has been realized during the portal phase in exhaled position.

The patient has a hepatic focal nodular hyperplasia in segment VII according to Couinaud’s description.

The DEPOLL dataset for evaluating registration accuracy in AR-guided liver surgery

DePoLL (the Deformable Porcine Laparoscopic Liver) dataset was created to quantitatively evaluate registration accuracy for AR-guided liver surgery using a pre-operative CT model.