Colorectal Surgery Intensive Course

Full immersion in colorectal surgery

In the colorectal field, no-scar surgery through natural orifices has created the perfect balance between safety, efficacy, and patient benefits, especially in rectal cancer treatment.


IRCAD’s model of international education and hands-on training
exemplifies the most innovative method of learning modern surgery in a safe, cost-effective, and enjoyable way.

Leading surgeons from around the world share their expertise through live surgery, educational videos, and lectures, both online and on-site and are happy to assist participants during hands-on training sessions on live tissue and anatomical specimens.

Since 2022, the IRCAD has been offering a unique intensive and comprehensive one-week course that can also deliver a university diploma.

Colorectal Surgery Intensive Course


Course dates

Course status

Practical training on live tissue

No accommodation, no social programme and no entertainment included in the registration fees for participants


Course director

 J. Marescaux FR, RW

Faculty panel

Course objectives

  • To cover a broad spectrum of surgical procedures in laparoscopic, transanal, flexible endoscopy and robotic colorectal surgery

  • To highlight technical aspects of surgical interventions through the broadcasting of live procedures

  • To provide proper indications for surgical and non-surgical treatments of malignant colorectal disease

  • To discuss how to prevent and manage intraoperative and postoperative complications

  • To allow real-time discussion between operators and trainee surgeons

  • To provide hands-on sessions to improve skills in laparoscopic, transanal, flexible endoscopy and robotic colorectal surgery through practice under expert tutorials

Target audience

Surgeons / minimum level required

Educational methods

  • Interactive theoretical and video sessions between faculty and course participants

  • Live and pre-recorded operative demonstrations

  • Practical training on live tissue, virtual simulators and pelvic trainers

Cancellation policy

CME credits & accreditations

November 4-8, 2024
    CVS compliant
    TPPT compliant

    Resolution of conflicts of interest (COI)

    The IRCAD training center has industrial and research partners (Karl Storz, Covidien/Medtronic, and Intuitive Surgical) and Course Faculty members and Healthcare professionals declare these industrial partners are never committed to the elaboration and running organization of the programs or in the choice of experts. There is neither publicity nor promotion in the form of pull-up stands or flyers during the course.

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    Educational sponsorship and funding

    IRCAD has received financial support in the form of an unrestricted financial support. IRCAD course funding occurs via an unrestricted support from IRCAD sponsors (medical device companies). Funding is provided free of any attempt to influence the program, individual sessions, subjects for discussion, content and choice of faculty members.
    Commercial names of medical devices/software/equipment may appear because they are linked to specific medical procedures, which are the focus of this training course. Other products in the market can be used to perform the aforementioned medical procedures. The IRCAD as an educational provider does not endorse any particular product.

    Live the IRCAD experience to the fullest

    The courses are organized in such a way that participants are fully immersed in the heart of the Institute, from start to finish.

    One day at IRCAD

    Your course by day, the comfort and luxury in Les Haras Hotel **** by night

    A place with a unique design, inspired by history and the universe of horses… Les Haras Hotel**** honors leather and wood to take its guests on a journey through time.

    The Haras Brasserie offers a modern and friendly cuisine. The great classics of French cuisine are celebrated there, alongside signature dishes from Alsace or inspirations from the world over.


    Beautiful live demonstrations (sigmoidectomy, TME) / Nice topics (TME, right colectomy) / Excellent level of the experts, also in the afternoon workshop.

    Quality of expert discussion during live demonstrations / Possibility to use new equipment in the practical sessions

    The quality of presentations / The cases are amazing / The teachers are excellent

    Everything was outstanding: organization, attitude, skills of the experts

    Operating on live tissue / Live surgery / Quality of the premises (architecture, interior design)

    Live surgery with experts / Tips and tricks from the experts / Hands-on session

    Live surgery with opportunity to interact with experts / Practice with very useful tutoring / Extreme availability of the experts

    Nice demonstration of mobilization of splenic flexure / Perfect visualization of operations / Step by step explanation of the surgery

    Excellent cases to demonstrate and very good to see how the experts handle events such as bleeding etc…

    Friendly multicultural environment / Excellent learning opportunities / Good level of expertise of the staff

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