Minimally invasive approaches to uterine disorders

Full immersion in gynecologic minimally invasive surgery

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Minimally invasive approaches to uterine disorders


Course option

Course status

  • No more courses for this period

Course directors

Arnaud Wattiez (FR)

Course objectives

  • To describe technical steps used for advanced laparoscopic procedures
  • To acquire practical skills for diagnostic hysteroscopy and outpatient surgery
  • To acquire the technique and skills to perform operative hysteroscopy for myoma, polyp, and endometrial resection
  • To describe results and potential complications, and how to prevent them in both laparoscopy and hysteroscopy
  • To practice on models & live tissue in order to give participants the technical tools to improve their

Target audience

Gynecological surgeons

Educational methods

  • Interactive theoretical and video sessions between Faculty and course participants

  • Live operative demonstrations

  • Practical training on live tissue (mini-pigs) and hysteroscopy models

Cancellation policy

CME credits & accreditations

Resolution of conflicts of interest (COI)

The IRCAD training center has industrial and research partners (Karl Storz, Covidien/Medtronic, and Intuitive Surgical) and Course Faculty members and Healthcare professionals declare these industrial partners are never committed to the elaboration and running organization of the programs or in the choice of experts. There is neither publicity nor promotion in the form of pull-up stands or flyers during the course.

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Educational sponsorship and funding

IRCAD has received financial support in the form of an unrestricted financial support. IRCAD course funding occurs via an unrestricted support from IRCAD sponsors (medical device companies). Funding is provided free of any attempt to influence the program, individual sessions, subjects for discussion, content and choice of faculty members.
Commercial names of medical devices/software/equipment may appear because they are linked to specific medical procedures, which are the focus of this training course. Other products in the market can be used to perform the aforementioned medical procedures. The IRCAD as an educational provider does not endorse any particular product.

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I just want to say you thank you for everything. I really enjoyed the course. I can’t wait to do another one.

The course is well organized and I am very happy about the conduct of it.

I had a great time on the course and enjoyed the French hospitality.

It was such a pleasure to participate in this course. I am looking forward to another course at IRCAD.

It was a fantastic and productive experience.

I want to thank you for warm welcome, extremely good organization and everything that you have done. For a long time it was my dream, and it came true. Thank you one more time.

Congratulations on another wonderful and highly educational course. The friendship atmosphere is outstanding. I look forward to your course every year and look forward to participating again.

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