Wrist Surgery Course


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Course status



  • No more courses for this period

Starting at 300 €


Arthroscopy Workshop

  • No more courses for this period

Starting at 1500 €


Open Wrist Surgery Workshop

  • No more courses for this period

Starting at 1500 €

Course program

Course director

M. Haerle (DE)

Faculty panel

E.-M. Baur (DE)
P. Bellemere (FR)
N. Borisch (DE)
N. Buschmeier (DE)
J. Goubau (BE)
M. Jung (DE)
S. Krieger (DE)
F. Lampert (DE)
M. Langer (DE)
M. Levadoux (FR)
B. Lussiez (FR)
A. Martins (FR)
L. Merlini (FR)
J. Messina (IT)
S. Odella (IT)
S. Pfanner (DE)
O. Reigstad (NO)
M. Richter (DE)
N. Schep (ND)
A. Sgarbossa (IT)
B. Van Der Heijden (ND)
J. Van Schoonhoven (DE)
A. Zach(DE)

Target audience

  • Arthroscopic surgeons

Cancellation policy

CME credits & accreditations

Resolution of conflicts of interest (COI):

The IRCAD training center has industrial and research partners (e.g., Karl Storz and Covidien/Medtronic) and Course Faculty members and Healthcare professionals declare these industrial partners are never committed to the elaboration and running organization of the programs or in the choice of experts. There is neither publicity nor promotion in the form of pull-up stands or flyers during the course.

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Good organization, great experts and good timing (lecture/practical, enough time to work on the cadaver)

My instructor is an outstanding, knowledgeable, patient and gifted tutor. The lectures: high-quality and comprehensive. The cadaveric specimens, equipment and technical assistance in the skills lab: much better than anywhere else have been before.

Nice operating setup. Great preparation of program. Good quality instruments.

Perfect course organization. Questions are competently answered by real experts.

The experience and availability of my advisor - He was very didactic. The infrastructure of the place and its organization

The training in the lab. Very nice lab! / Your facilities overall, very clean and everything functioning technically. The food! Both the lunch and the evening reception! Thank you!

Everything was great! I recommend the course!

Thank you very much for all this course. The organization was very good, and the facility was excellent.

Great cadaver lab, I really feel more comfortable going home doing TFCC refix arthroscopically.

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