WebSurg : The online virtual university for surgeons

Launched by Professor Marescaux and his team in 2000, WebSurg is a charge-free website specialized in minimally invasive surgery and dedicated to the promotion of medical and surgical training skills. It was created by surgeons for surgeons, and it quickly became the international online reference for surgical training in minimally invasive surgery. 
Multimedia content is published on the website on a monthly basis, targeting 10 specialties and 5 technologies: general and digestive surgery, pediatric surgery, thoracic surgery, robotic surgery, gynecologic surgery etc.
Several categories of videos are published in High Definition each month:
  • Surgical procedures: videos featuring surgical interventions
  • Operative techniques: interactive videos including medical illustrations
  • Experts opinions: conferences, expert analyses, debates, etc.
  • Contributions: videos submitted by our members

With more than 371,000 members from the world over, WebSurg has become the world reference in minimally invasive surgery. It is the world’s largest online community of surgeons, and the website is translated in 7 languages and available on all devices (computers, smartphones, Apple TV, etc.).