WeBSurg : The online virtual university for surgeons


Launched by Professor Marescaux and his teams in 2000, WeBSurg is a charge-free web site dedicated to continuing education in minimally invasive surgery. The web site was put together by IRCAD surgeons for surgeons worldwide. It rapidly became THE reference web site for e-learning in minimal access surgery worldwide.Every month, WeBSurg releases multimedia content in numerous specialities such as general and digestive, pediatric, thoracic, endoscopic, hepatobiliary, arthroscopic, gynecologic, urological surgery, to name only but a few.

Several categories of videos are published in High Definition each month:

  • Surgical procedures: videos featuring surgical interventions
  • Operative techniques: interactive videos including medical illustrations
  • Experts’ opinions: conferences, expert analyses, debates, etc.
  • Contributions: videos submitted by web site members

Available in 7 languages and accessible from PC, phone, Apple TV, etc., WeBSurg currently gathers almost 400,000 members from 254 countries. It brings together one of the largest communities of surgeons worldwide.