Another prestigious international recognition for the IRCAD in Taiwan

May 6, 2011

Professor Jacques Marescaux, President of the IRCAD, has just been granted the Distinguished Contribution Award given by Sir Vincent Siew, Vice President of Taiwan. This award consecrates the achievements accomplished by the IRCAD, and notably the fruitful cooperation between the IRCAD France and the IRCAD Taiwan. The ceremony was officially held in Taiwan in the presence of André Reichardt, Vice President of the Alsace region.

The day after the ceremony, Sir Ma Ying-Jeou, President of Taiwan, was present with Professor Jacques Marescaux for the inauguration of the First International Forum on Biotechnology Policy, jointly organized by the IRCAD France and the Taiwanese Health Foundation.

President Ma Ying-Jeou officially congratulated Professor Jacques Marescaux for the achievements accomplished by the IRCAD, and particularly for the tremendous success met by the brand-new Strasbourg “Institute of Image-Guided Minimally Invasive Hybrid Surgery” project for technological transfer within the framework of the IHU (University Hospital Institute).

Facing the audience and more particularly André Reichardt, President Ma Ying-Jeou also underlined the major role played by local authorities in supporting such ambitious projects and making them successful.

During this forum, which gathered more than 400 experts from 24 different countries to discuss the evolution of biotechnologies, Taiwanese President Ma Ying-Jeou also took the opportunity to insist on the fact that this field would definitely become the centre of industrial growth in the 21st century.

President Ma Ying-Jeou expressed the wish for heavy investments to be injected into this field despite the elevated risks intrinsic to every innovation, following the example of the French politics in this domain.

President Ma Ying-Jeou finally addressed his warmest thanks to the IRCAD for initiating this international forum on a priority issue for all countries confronted to a financial crisis of historical magnitude.