Brasserie des Haras: top 10 best designed restaurant according to Crave magazine

May 6, 2016

Already successful in London two years ago, Brasserie des Haras is once again ranked in the top ten best designed restaurants in the world, according to Hong Kong gourmet Crave magazine. A symbol of great achievement for this brasserie restaurant currently celebrating its third anniversary!

IRCAD and Brasserie des Haras
In 2009, IRCAD undertook the renovation of Strasbourg’s former Royal Stud Farm, built under the reign of Louis XV, to open a brasserie restaurant run by Marc Haeberlin, a three-star Alsatian chef partnering with chef François Baur. The prestigious Jouin-Manku agency was chosen to design the interior decoration. These achievements reflect the epitome of excellence, truly emblematic of IRCAD.

IRCAD prides itself for its role in the renovation and embellishment of a flagship of Strasbourg’s cultural heritage.

See Crave magazine article (April 2016 special issue)