ComputerWorld Honors Award 2002

February 2, 2002

Professor Jacques Marescaux has been awarded his second Computerworld Honors Program Award in the medicine category on June 3rd 2002 in Washington D.C. This recognition paid tribute to the research works of IRCAD/EITS on a project that has been carried out in partnership with France Telecom and Computer Motion.
Less than a year after the Lindbergh Operation, which for the first time in surgical history and thanks to the engineers of our partners was able to master transmission delays linked to distance, IRCAD/EITS has received an award from one of the most prestigious American institutions : the Computerworld Honors Award.

One thousand projects had been submitted, coming from 35 countries. 312 files were selected and finally only 7 finalists were lined up in the medicine category, including EITS/IRCAD, led by Prof. Marescaux, the only European candidate to be honoured.
Finalists were selected by a jury of renowned experts on such varied criteria as the impact on society, the importance of information technology, novelty of the research, success and encountered difficulties.