Advanced Course in Gynecologic Cancer in Obese Patients

The global expansion of the obesity epidemic has a growing impact on surgical practice, including gynecologic oncology.

Cancer surgery must meet the highest standards, from adequate staging to complete removal of the disease, and major procedures may be required.

Obesity presents several challenges to cancer surgery, including difficulties with preoperative imaging, anesthesiology management, more challenging procedures regardless of the approach, and a problematic postoperative period and scar healing.

Obesity can also negatively impact adjuvant treatment such as radiotherapy, which can make non-surgical management a less feasible substitute for surgery.

Gynecologic oncologists must have a deep understanding of these issues. This course addresses these questions using a multidisciplinary mindset, with specialists from all approaches and techniques.

An overview of the potential for endoscopic and minimally invasive surgery will familiarize the gynecologic oncologist with the latest innovations of this expanding field.

Indeed, minimally invasive surgery is growing in this domain, as it greatly improves the postoperative period compared to open surgery in obese patients; they can benefit most from a minimally invasive approach.

Consequently, this course is combined with a hands-on training on animal models using conventional laparoscopy and robotic-assisted laparoscopic components.

Advanced Course in Gynecologic Cancer in Obese Patients


Course information

Course status


  • No more courses for this period


  • No more courses for this period

No accommodation, no social programme and no entertainment included in the fees for participants


Course information

Course directors

C. Akladios (FR)
D. Querleu (FR)

Faculty panel

C. Chargari (FR)
B. Diaz Feijoo (ES)
P. Diemunsch (FR)
F. Fanfani (IT)
H. Fornalik (US)
W. Gotlieb (CA)
E. Lambaudie (FR)
C. Roy (FR)
M. Vix (FR)
A. Wattiez (FR)

Course objectives

  • To teach gynecologic oncologists the surgical principles and skills required to safely perform gynecologic oncology surgeries in obese patients
  • To perform laparoscopic / robotic hands-on practice on live tissue to shorten and secure the learning curve in clinical practice
  • To allow participants to actively interact with world-renowned experts

Target audience

Gynecologic oncologists

Educational methods

  • Didactic lectures provided by world-renowned experts
  • 2 half-days of hands-on practice on anatomical specimen
(laparoscopy only, or laparoscopy + robotics, according to the option chosen)

Cancellation policy

CME credits & accreditations

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