National Academy of Surgery Scholarships and Awards

September 29, 2014

The National Academy of Surgery aims to promote minimally invasive surgery with the support of the IRCAD. In this respect, two scholarships and an award will be implemented from 2014 onwards.

The two yearly scholarships financed by the IRCAD will allow two young French surgeons of two different surgical specialties to choose a course of their preference at the IRCAD (Option B with participation in the experimental lab) and obtain a certification of their attendance at the end of the course.

The annual award delivered by the IRCAD is intended to reward a candidate who has significantly contributed to the development of endoscopic surgery as well as all other technical and non-technical aspects of minimally invasive surgery.

Regulations for the 2014 Minimally Invasive Surgery Awardpdf-icon
Regulations for Training Scholarships in Minimally Invasive or Endoscopic Surgery year 2014pdf-icon