Medical Robotics Research Team

The AVR (Control, Vision and Robotics) research team, conceives and evaluates new solutions for medicine and computer-assisted surgery. Its expertise ranges from mechatronics to robotic control and computer vision. 

The AVR team has gained an international reputation in medical and surgical robotics, and benefits from unique collaborations with the IRCAD, IHU Strasbourg and Strasbourg’s University Hospital. The team is part of LABEX CAMI, a national project in the field of computer-assisted and surgical procedures. 

Main medical applications include transluminal and endoluminal surgery, minimally invasive surgery, as well as interventional radiology. AVR research targets endoscopic vision control with image feedback, medical devices to compensate for physiological movements, cable system control, teleoperations, the supervision and modeling of medical techniques, real-time 3D reconstruction through structured light and the creation of devices for interventional imaging. Research projects deal with the development of a teleoperated system for natural orifice surgery, a teleoperated robotic assistant with a return feedback for CT-scan procedures, robotic assistance for interventional MRI, HIFU therapies and MRE development.

The AVR team is made up of approximately 60 members, including 30 researchers, teacher-researchers and research engineers. It is part of the ICube laboratory, an engineering sciences, computer sciences and imaging laboratory, which constitutes a major asset to Strasbourg’s headquarters which includes approximately 600 members.
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  • 6 University Professors
  • 1 University Professor – Hospital Practitioner
  • 12 Lecturers
  • 1 Specialist Professor
  • 5 Full-time Researchers
  • 5 Full-time Research Engineers
  • 3 Consultant Engineers
  • 26 Students and Postgraduates