Visible Patient

Visible Patient™ is a company resulting of 15 years of research of the IRCAD R&D department in computer assisted surgery. Visible Patient proposes a connected solution providing a 3D model of a patient from his/her medical image sent through a secured internet connection. Indeed, all patients have a different anatomy that is all the more difficult to predict since some pathologies can modify the vascularization. Moreover, even if the Medical Image contains all the information needed to extract the patient-specific anatomical configuration, it is too complex for any physician to mentally reconstruct this anatomy in 3D from the set of 2D slices provided by the medical imaging system. To overcome this human limit, Visible Patient provides the most accurate connected solution to extract the patient specific 3D models of any anatomical or pathological structure thanks to a combination of innovative algorithms and human double check control. It allows then to visualize the result on a simple smartphone and to plan accurately a safe surgical procedure from a PC or a Mac, thanks to the Visible Patient Planning™ Software.

The Visible Patient Suite™ is a medical device Class II.a that is CE marked and FDA approved for any part of the body, which means that Visible Patient can provide such a 3D model for any organ and pathology visible in a 3D medical image (MRI or CT-Scan).


Visible Patient provides a preoperative 3D vision of the patient-specific anatomy to surgeons. Anatomical variation-related complications are no longer an issue since they are spotted preoperatively. Moreover the preoperative simulation of clip applying allows to avoid errors, to improve the surgical procedure and sometimes to propose a curative surgical solution for patients who seemed to be not eligible for surgery. Moreover it can be used anywhere thanks to its smartphone version. Visible Patient Planning™ can also be used in the OP-Room by connecting the PC, Mac, Tablet or smartphone version on the OP-Room display as well as on a Surgical Robot master system. Another important benefit of Visible Patient is linked to the patient consent form. Indeed, Visible Patient 3D models offer an easy to understand illustration of any pathology and associated therapy. Surgeons can share this information with their patients and explain them more easily their pathology and the proposed therapy. Visible Patient is also compatible with La Poste eSanté™, making the shared information accessible to each patient from their smartphone.


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