The General Commissioner for Investment, Mr. Louis Gallois, visits the IRCAD

March 14, 2013

The General Commissioner for Investment came to Strasbourg to officially kick off Industry Week on March 14. Louis Gallois had the opportunity to visit the IRCAD, founding member of the IHU (Image-guided Hybrid Surgery Institute) and initiator of the IHU Strasbourg project. A short visit supervised by Professor Jacques Marescaux allowed to give the General Commissioner for Investment a good idea of the IRCAD training center’s everyday reality. “They benefit from a working environment highly similar to the one found in a real surgical setting. As you can see, they are working on swine models”.

Louis Gallois proved to be particularly interested in the newest generation of surgical instruments developed at the IRCAD in partnership with the industry. Another key moment of the visit was a tour of the surgical room of the future. Louis Gallois took control of a cutting edge surgical robot. Professor Marescaux gave Mr. Gallois an outline of the construction work performed for the IHU project, which has been made possible thanks to the French government’s 67 million euro investment in the project.

Louis Gallois proved to be particularly interested and impressed by this new hybrid surgery which combines new surgical technologies with the latest advances in medical imaging. “Of course, one of Mr. Gallois’s objectives in Strasbourg was to see what was being done with the funds invested, but mostly to witness the IHU’s diverse activities. The IHU’s mission is to achieve excellence in education, in healthcare, in research, and of course, in the field of technology transfer. So these were the main points that Mr. Gallois was interested in during his visit. It is also of key importance to know what can be done in terms of creating start-ups as well as in terms of patents, in order for healthcare not to be considered only as a source of expenses, but rather as a tool to fuel local and national economy.

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