Inauguration of the IRCAD Taiwan

May 26, 2008
© Pascal RIEDINGER, Riedproductions

The 26th of May 2008, the IRCAD and their partners in this project, Taiwan’s Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, inaugurated the Asia IRCAD Taiwan. This new center for research and training in minimally invasive surgery was conceived as a mirror training institute to the one in Strasbourg. The Asia IRCAD Taiwan enjoys the same rigorous scientific and technical qualities that made the French institute such a model of excellence, with the added bonus of its location at the heart of Asia.

The institute welcomes surgeons from all over Asia and provides training in a varied range of surgical fields, such as general surgery, digestive surgery, gynecology, urology, arthroscopy, natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) and interventional GI endoscopy. The training is promoted and managed by a faculty of over 800 world-renowned experts that the IRCAD has gathered during its 15 years of intense activity.

Equipped with the latest and most advanced teaching technologies, this center has 7 300 square meters at its disposal, making it the largest training structure in minimally invasive surgery in Asia (23 operating tables for the training on live tissue).

The inauguration was closely followed by the first course, in general and digestive surgery.

The Asia IRCAD Taiwan is only the first step in the development of the IRCAD in the world, another institute will open in Brazil in May 2011.

Phone: 886-4-7256166 Extension 81200
Address: 6 Lukong Rd. Lukang (Chang Bing Industrial Park), Changhwa County, Taiwan