Prof. Jacques Marescaux at Kigali

The construction of IRCAD Africa, a highly anticipated project of IRCAD France, is set to be completed in June. Professor Jacques Marescaux visited Kigali for several days to engage in meetings with the project’s collaborators.

A productive discussion unfolded during a meeting with Dr. Sabin NSANZIMANA, the Minister of Health, and his Secretary of State, shedding light on the significant influence that the Institute would have on advancing the field of surgery in Africa.

The meeting with the WHO representatives yielded positive outcomes, as Dr. Brian CHIRIMBO, the Chief of Mission and Representative of the World Health Organization, voiced his endorsement for the project. This entails the provision of scholarships for African surgeons, which represents a noteworthy advancement towards the development of surgery in Africa.

A productive discussion took place with Mr. Allen ROBINSON, the Director General of Carnegie Mellon University (a renowned institution affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh, known for its leadership in the field of artificial intelligence), regarding the prospective hiring of researchers, engineers, and developers for IRCAD Africa.

Productive discussions and an informative visit were conducted with Professor Dr. Sam Yala and Dr. Charles Lebon Mberi KiMPolo from the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS). This esteemed institute receives over 5000 applications each year for just 500 available spots, highlighting its prestigious status. The engineers trained at AIMS specialize in health and minimally invasive surgery, underscoring the significance of a collaborative partnership with IRCAD Africa.

A breakfast meeting was convened with the French Ambassador to Rwanda, Mr. Antoine ANFRE, along with Mrs. Adriana DOMAGALA and Mr. Arthur GERMOND. During this meeting, the unwavering support of France for the project was reaffirmed, specifically through the French Development Agency (AFD), which has agreed to cover the travel expenses of the French surgeons who will be teaching at IRCAD Africa.

A meeting was organized with Mr. Albert MURASIRA, the Minister of Defense, Dr. Ernest NSABIMANA, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, and Dr. Sabin NSANZIMANA, the Minister of Health. These distinguished individuals have been actively involved in the IRCAD Africa project since its inception.

To conclude, President Paul Kagame expressed his resolute support for the project, which is regarded as a national priority in Rwanda, during a private meeting with Professor Jacques Marescaux. He conveyed his commitment to ensuring the Institute’s smooth operation, stating that recruitments would be made at any cost to achieve that goal.

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