Professor Jacques Marescaux awarded the “Medal of Diplomatic Friendship”

February 18, 2014

On Tuesday, February 18, 2014, Professor Jacques Marescaux was awarded the “Medal of Diplomatic Friendship” by Mr David Lin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China – Taiwan. The ceremony took place in one of the grand Salons of Taipei’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Minister of Health and Social Affairs, the Minister of Sciences, the former Minister of Labor, Mr Olivier Richard, permanent representative of France, were present along with a hundred of entrepreneurs and start-up managers in the field of biotechnologies as well as with several presidents of Taiwanese Universities.

The Foreign Minister pointed out that such a distinction was the most eminent one to be awarded to a foreign figure by the Taiwanese government. This distinction is usually awarded to diplomats to celebrate their great contributions to the improvement of exchanges between Taiwan and their respective countries.

This distinction testifies to the determining role played by Professor Jacques Marescaux in the exchanges between France and Taiwan in the field of new minimally invasive surgical technologies. He underlined the extraordinary impact of IRCAD Taiwan’s creation in 2008 on the management of patient care in the majority of Taiwanese hospitals.

On this occasion, Professor Marescaux expressed his warmest thanks. He highlighted that this partnership with the most prominent hospital network in the country yielded more than great professional satisfaction. He also discovered Taiwan’s nurturing culture, which is fraught with a high sense of generosity, respect as well as a quest for excellence he did not suspect at the time.

Professor Marescaux warmly thanked the Taiwanese government and Professor Min Ho Huang, President of Show Chwan Memorial Hospital and personal counsellor of the Taiwanese President who made it possible to achieve the ambitious project of the Asia IRCAD Taiwan. All in all, he gave his promise to further act as an ambassador of this country, which has finally become his second homeland.