IRCAD-Taiwan is the largest advanced laparoscopy training center in Asia.

IRCAD-Taiwan/AITS – Asian Institute of TeleSurgery is the first IRCAD to open outside of France, grand opened in 2008 with the most complete & sophisticated equipment in Chang Bing Show Chwan Health Park, Lugang. Costing nearly 10 million USD, the Taiwan Institute is a four-story building covering 5,000 square meters, equipped with a ring design of twenty surgical training sets & animal laboratory.

Under the leadership of President Min-Ho Huang, IRCAD-Taiwan seeks to provide an excellent & diversified learning platform to benefit & foster surgeons, which can further enhance the medical standards in minimally invasive surgery in the Asia-Pacific region. Since IRCAD-Taiwan was opened, over 8,000 students from over 60 countries have been trained, bringing world-leading experts together for cross-disciplinary discussions, opening a new door to the Asia-Pacific region.