Laparoscopic Urological Surgery Intensive Course

Full immersion in urological surgery

Over these last few years, the minimally invasive approach has gradually superseded the conventional open approach in several urological surgery indications.

Thanks to the quality of operative vision provided
by high-definition 2D or 3D cameras and to the
precision of laparoscopic surgery maneuvers, this
minimally invasive approach has allowed to improve
the quality and accuracy of interventions and to
ensure their safety, mainly for cancer treatment.
Surgical progress combined with robotic assistance
and conventional laparoscopy have gradually taken
off and led to enhanced precision surgery.

All urological procedures using these laparoscopic or robot-assisted techniques make up IRCAD training programs in urological surgery.

Intensive courses will be split between theoretical
sessions organized by world-renowned experts
and hands-on sessions in the experimental lab with
all these laparoscopic and robotic technologies

Laparoscopic Urological Surgery Intensive Course


Course dates

Course status

Practical training on live tissue

  • No more courses for this period

Course information

Course director

Thierry Piechaud (FR)

Course objectives

  • To provide the basic knowledge required for clinical applications
  • To describe all the basic principles (instruments, materials, anesthesia equipment) and present the mostwidely used basic laparoscopic urological techniques
  • To provide hands-on training sessions to learn or improve performance of basic technical tasks in laparoscopic urological surgery
  • To describe results and potential complications of laparoscopic procedures

Target audience

Urological surgeons, urologists, laparoscopic surgeons from all over the world

Cancellation policy

Educational methods

  • Interactive theoretical and video sessions between faculty and course participants
  • Live and pre-recorded operative demonstrations
  • Practical training on live tissue (mini-pigs)

University Diploma in Laparoscopic Surgery

Evaluation through theoretical exams and practical tests at the end of the Intensive course session leads to the delivery of a “University Diploma in Laparoscopic Surgery” awarded by the University of Strasbourg.
The diploma fees (around 430 Euros) are to be paid in cash.
No payment by credit card will be accepted.

CME credits & accreditations

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The courses are organized in such a way that participants are fully immersed in the heart of the Institute, from start to finish.

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The lab is very well equipped. The trainers spent plenty of time with us

Everything was excellent!

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