LIVE & LAB for general surgeons Advanced Course

Full immersion in general and digestive surgery

Laparoscopy has proven its efficacy and benefits in many field of surgery. Today all sorts of basic and advanced surgical procedures can be performed safely and with excellent functional and oncological outcomes.

An increasing number of new technologies are being implemented in the operating room for the benefit of patients and surgeons.

Learning new techniques is of paramount importance to stay up to date, but it can require a lot of time and resources, which makes it unpractical to follow the old historical paradigm of surgical education.

This brand new Live and Lab course aims to exploit the full potential of the IRCAD training model and platform: live surgical operations performed and commented by the world’s best surgeon, hours of hands-on training in the perfectly equipped state-of-the-art IRCAD labs, under the guidance of
expert tutors.

A very simple and straight to the point formula: learning new surgical skills to improve the quality of our daily practice.

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* Register simultaneously for both this course and the “Inguinal-Ventral & CAWR surgery” course, and get an instant 400-euro discount off the total price.
– non cumulable with other discount –

No accommodation, no social programme and no entertainment included in the registration fees for participants

Course information

Invited Faculty

L. Aldrighetti (IT)
L. Boni (IT)
F. Corcione (IT)
N. Demartines (CH)
A. Forgione (IT)
W.J. Hyung (KR)
J. Marescaux (FR, RW)
Y. Mintz (IL)
D. Mutter (FR)
A. Park (US)
C. Peng (CN)
S. Perretta (IT)
X. Serra Aracil (ES)
A. Spinelli (IT)
G. Spinoglio (IT)
E. Targarona (ES)
M. Vix (FR)
X. Wang (CN)

Course objectives

  • To get familiar with the most advanced minimal invasive techniques for the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas, spleen diseases
  • To get familiar with the application of new technologies to minimally invasive approaches
    and modern endoscopic and percutaneous interventional procedures
  • To get familiar with new technologies for augmented imaging, robotics and artificial intelligence applied to general surgery
  • To acquire advanced laparoscopic skills in the lab: suturing, stapling, handsewn anastomosis,
    bleed controls in emergency situations
  • To interact with best international experts to learn state of the art about surgical techniques and
    new technologies
  • To discuss interesting and challenging clinical cases

Target audience

This course is intended for general surgeons, digestive surgeons, fellows and residents in training

Educational methods

  • Interactive video sessions between Faculty and course participants
  • Live & pre-recorded operative demonstrations
  • Hands-on sessions in laparoscopic surgery on live tissue (mini-pigs) in experimental laboratory under expert tutorial

Cancellation policy

CME credits

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The courses are organized in such a way that participants are fully immersed in the heart of the Institute, from start to finish.

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