New Perspectives in Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery Advanced Course

Full immersion in Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery

Come and join us for our 3-day advanced course in hepatobiliary and pancreatic (HBP) surgery!

The course is structured with mornings dedicated to didactic theoretical presentations by world-renowned experts, including video sessions, live surgeries and discussions.
The objective is to create the greatest interaction between participants and experts.

The afternoons are dedicated to practical learning in the experimental lab, with the possibility of using a set of devices (e.g. CUSA, ultrasound, energy and thermoablation systems, robotic initiation).

Laparoscopic and robotic approaches including the latest technologies and innovations will be discussed. All pathologies will be tackled with a pecial focus on the prevention and management of complications.

New Perspectives in Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery Advanced Course


Course date & options

Course status


Theoretical sessions

Starting at 531 €


Practical training on live tissue

Starting at 1782 €

No accommodation, no social programme and no entertainment included in the registration fees for participants

Course information

Faculty panel

P.F. Addeo (IT)
H. Asbun (US)
C. Conrad (US)
N. Demartines (CH)
D. Fuks (FR)
M. Gimenez (AR)
M. Hogg (US)
H. Kaneko (JP)
C.W. Lin (TW)
J. Marescaux (FR)
J. Martinie (US)
D. Mutter (FR)
O. Scatton (FR)
O. Soubrane (FR)
C.N. Tang (HK)
M. Vix (FR)
G. Wakabayashi (JP)
X. Wang (CN)


V. De Blasi (IT)
A. Forgione (IT)
R. Memeo (IT)
D. Ntourakis (GR)
T. Piardi (IT)


Course objectives

  • To cover a broad spectrum of surgical procedures in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery
  • To provide indications for surgical treatment and discuss operative complications
  • To highlight technicalities of surgical interventions through the broadcasting of live procedures
  • To allow a real-time discussion between the operators and the trainee surgeons
  • To provide hands-on sessions to improve skills in laparoscopic surgery through the practice on live tissue under expert tutorial
  • To describe postoperative clinical results and practical applications of evidence-based clinical medicine

Target audience

This course is intended for general surgeons, digestive surgeons, HBP surgeons, fellows and residents in training

Educational methods

  • Interactive theoretical and video sessions between Faculty and course participants
  • Live and pre-recorded operative
  • Hands-on sessions on live tissue (mini-pigs) in experimental laboratory

Cancellation policy

CME credits

November 30 - December 2, 2023
    CVS compliant
    TPPT compliant

    Resolution of conflicts of interest (COI):

    The IRCAD training center has industrial and research partners (e.g., Karl Storz and Covidien/Medtronic) and Course Faculty members and Healthcare professionals declare these industrial partners are never committed to the elaboration and running organization of the programs or in the choice of experts. There is neither publicity nor promotion in the form of pull-up stands or flyers during the course.

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    Excellent teachers with great teaching skills


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