Official recertification of the IRCAD and IHU by the American College of Surgeons

April 12, 2018

The Research Institute Against Digestive Cancer (IRCAD) has been awarded re-accreditation as a Comprehensive Education Institute for its training courses in minimally invasive surgery organized in Strasbourg, France. The Institute successfully met the Standards and Criteria of the American College of Surgeons’ Program for Accreditation of Education Institutes (AEI). It remains the first French academic training center in minimal access surgery to benefit from this prestigious accreditation awarded by the outstanding American College of Surgeons. As for the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery (IHU), it has just been awarded a first-time accreditation for its training courses in the field of surgery.


In 2017, more than 5,700 surgeons from the world over were trained at the IRCAD and the IHU, and as such, their joint accreditation can be found ranking among illustrious American university institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, NYU, Duke or the University of Houston. In Europe, the IRCAD and the IHU are among the rare accredited centers, which includes the prestigious Imperial College of London.


The accreditation is now valid for a term of 5 years. This award aims to improve surgical patient management, to support compulsory continuing medical education, to control the level of surgical skills, and to facilitate the training of surgeons in novel surgical techniques.


To claim accreditation, the IRCAD and the IHU have gone through a stringent evaluation process with the submission of a thorough application and a comprehensive on-site IRCAD/IHU review performed by an American surveyor. The ACS Accreditation Review Committee gathered at the end of 2017 and voted unanimously for the re-accreditation of IRCAD/IHU training programs. The IRCAD was awarded for the first time in 2015 for a period of 3 years.


The ACS is proud to renew this partnership in the framework of the elite network of ACS-approved Accredited Education Institutes, offering cutting-edge education in minimally invasive surgery for the largest community of surgeons and surgical teams.


The American College of Surgeons is a surgical society which was created in 1913. Its aim is to promote the highest standards of surgical care for the benefit of patients. With more than 78,000 members, the ACS represents the largest community of surgeons worldwide.