ORBSLAM-Based Endoscope Tracking and 3D Reconstruction

Towards cybernetic surgery: robotic and augmented reality-assisted liver segmentectomy

Context-specific selection of algorithms for recursive feature tracking in endoscopic image using a new methodology

Trans-thoracic minimally invasive liver resection guided by augmented reality

Patient specific anatomy: the new area of anatomy based on computer science illustrated on liver

Challenges to Validate Multi-physics Model of Liver Tumor Radiofrequency Ablation from Pre-clinical Data

Application of a three-dimensional print of a liver in hepatectomy for small tumors invisible by intraoperative ultrasonography: preliminary experience

Real-time 3D image reconstruction guidance in liver resection surgery

Accuracy of preoperative automatic measurement of the liver volume by CT-scan combined to a 3D virtual surgical planning software (3DVSP)

Enhanced-reality video-fluorescence to assess the intestinal viability: validation using the metabonomics high-resolution magic angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and the mitochondrial respiratory chain activity

Robotic duodenopancreatectomy assisted with augmented reality and real-time fluorescence guidance

Real-time navigation by fluorescence-based enhanced reality for precise estimation of future anastomotic site in digestive surgery