Process and system for simulation or digital synthesis of sonographic images

Registration of preoperative liver model for laparoscopic surgery from intraoperative 3d acquisition

Multiphase Liver Registration from Geodesic Distance Maps and Biomechanical Modelling

Evaluation of Endoscopic Image Enhancement for Feature Tracking: A New Validation Framework

Biomechanically Driven Registration of Pre-to Intra-Operative 3D Images for Laparoscopic Surgery

A landmark based registration technique for minimally invasive spinal surgery

Inter-Operative Trajectory Registration for Endoluminal Video Synchronization: Application to Biopsy Site Re-localization

Fast segmentation of abdominal wall: application to sliding effect removal for non-rigid registration

Preoperative patient-specific computer-assisted liver surgery

Fast textured surface reconstruction of organs using monocular endoscope during exploratory phase

Virtual neck exploration for parathyroid adenomas: a first step toward minimally invasive image guided surgery

Augmented Reality