Augmented Reality

Simulation of abdominal wall and its arteries after pneumoperitoneum for guidance of port positioning in laparoscopic surgery

3D virtual neck exploration prior to parathyroidectomy

Réalité augmentée

Performance evaluation of simultaneous RGB analysis for feature detection and tracking in endoscopic images

A Cost Effective Simulator for Education of Ultrasound Image Interpretation and Probe Manipulation

In vivo liver tissue mechanical properties by Transient Elastography: comparison with Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

Experimental In Vitro Mechanical Characterization of Porcine Glisson’s Capsule and Hepatic Veins

Augmented reality in laparoscopic surgery oncology

Myo-InositolTrisPyroPhosphate treatment leads to HIF-1a suppression and eradication of early hepatoma tumors in rats

Simulation chirurgicale virtuelle : les premiers pas d’une nouvelle formation

Totally endoscopic magnetic enteral bypass by external guided rendez-vous technique