Strasbourg’s Image-Guided Surgery Institute in the limelight during the first IHU International Days

April 8, 2016

On April 6, 2016, Strasbourg’s Image-Guided Surgery Institute (IHU/IRCAD Strasbourg) was honored during the first University Hospital Institute (IHU) International Days organized jointly by the CGI (General Commissariat for Investment), the Ministry of Health, and the ARIIS (Alliance for Healthcare Industries Research and Innovation).

After the speech delivered by Marisol Touraine, French Minister of Health, and the speech delivered by Thierry Mandron, Secretary of State in charge of Higher Education and Research, the International Days started with a panel discussion on the development of Image-Guided Surgery Institute, presented by Professor Marescaux.

In his closing words for the morning session, Louis Schweitzer, General Commissioner for Investment, stressed that he was filled with deep admiration for the six French IHUs, underlining the extremely positive of the international jury’s report during their mid-term evaluation of the different institutes. He concluded with these words: “Success generates funds”, and he officially announced the sustainability of the IHUs, with the firm belief that financial instruments be rapidly brought together to this effect.

The announcement was taken up in the early afternoon by French President François Hollande who publicly congratulated Professor Marescaux for his initiative in launching the IHU project and implementation. He also confirmed his willingness to ensure the sustainability of the project, which is, for him, a brilliant scientific and economic success.

Following French President’s speech, Professor Marescaux and the 5 other IHU presidents had the opportunity to talk and interact with French President François Hollande during 30 minutes.

The presence of the French President at these first IHU International Days is a strong sign of the government’s commitment and support in the development of these projects.


Watch the video of the presidential address:

Photo credit: ©Présidence de la République – F. Lafite