Professor Jacques Marescaux awarded “Digital Personality of the Year”

On Thursday April 18, 2013, Professor Jacques Marescaux, President and Founder of the IRCAD, received the Digital Personality of the Year Award. The ceremony took place at the Potocki Hotel of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Ile-de-France region), as part of the Digital Technology Award’s 15th edition, organized by Télécom ParisTech.

The Nobel Prize in Medicine 2011 at the IRCAD France

On Thursday 1st December, Jules Hoffmann, the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2011 recipient, visited the IRCAD France with Pr. Jacques Marescaux, President of IRCAD, and Min Ho Huang, President of the Asia IRCAD Taiwan.


IRCAD AITS TAIWAN Hall of Fame: Latest Achievements President Min-Ho Huang, President of Show Chwan Memorial Hospital and Founder of the Asian Institute of TeleSurgery (AITS) in Taiwan, was recently awarded the King Star Medal by Taiwanese President Ma.

Another prestigious international recognition for the IRCAD in Taiwan

Professor Jacques Marescaux, President of the IRCAD, has just been granted the Distinguished Contribution Award given by Sir Vincent Siew, Vice President of Taiwan. This award consecrates the achievements accomplished by the IRCAD, and notably the fruitful cooperation between the IRCAD France and the IRCAD Taiwan. The ceremony was officially held in Taiwan in the […]

IHU Strasbourg, <br/>First ex-aequo Laureate of the IHU call for proposals

Strasbourg’s IHU project “Institute of Image-Guided Minimally Invasive Hybrid Surgery” [video_ircad_playlist playlist='{“file”:”20110331_IHU”,”lang”:”en”,”title”:”Presentation”,”image”:””}, {“file”:”20110331_IHU_beretz”,”folder”:”20110331_IHU”,”hd”:”1″,”title”:”A. Beretz”}, {“file”:”20110331_IHU_guillot”,”folder”:”20110331_IHU”,”hd”:”1″,”title”:”P. Guillot”}, {“file”:”20110331_IHU_carboni”,”folder”:”20110331_IHU”,”hd”:”1″,”title”:”N. Carboni”}, {“file”:”20110331_IHU_bigot”,”folder”:”20110331_IHU”,”hd”:”1″,”title”:”J. Bigot”}, {“file”:”20110331_IHU_ries”,”folder”:”20110331_IHU”,”hd”:”1″,”title”:”R. Ries”}, {“file”:”20110331_IHU_bisch”,”folder”:”20110331_IHU”,”hd”:”1″,”title”:”P.-E. Bisch”}, {“file”:”20110331_IHU_richert”,”folder”:”20110331_IHU”,”hd”:”1″,”title”:”P. Richert”}’ credits=”IRCAD”] The IHU Strasbourg will lead the next evolution of medical procedures to Image-Guided Minimally Invasive Hybrid Surgery (MIX-Surg). Recent decades saw amazing progress in medicine as minimal access […]

Professor Jacques Marescaux is awarded the Gold Medal of the French Renaissance

Last February 10, 2011, Professor Jacques Marescaux, Founding President of the IRCAD and Head of Department of Digestive and Endocrine Surgery at the University Hospital of Strasbourg, along with Professor Bertrand Ludes, Dean of Strasbourg’s School of Medicine and Director of Strasbourg’s Forensic Medicine Institute, were awarded the Gold Medal of the French Renaissance by […]

George Berci Lifetime Achievement Award

WASHINGTON DC: THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS AWARD GIVEN BY THE SOCIETY OF AMERICAN GASTROINTESTINAL AND ENDOSCOPIC SURGEONS (SAGES) TO PROFESSOR JACQUES MARESCAUX Last April 14, 2010, during the World Congress of Surgery that was held in Washington DC, the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) gave Professor Marescaux his most prestigious Award for the […]